Slip Rams

Definition - What does Slip Rams mean?

Slip Rams are devices that are used to hold and secure the coiled tubing in a wellbore in place. The rams support the weight of the tubing as well as the bottom hole assembly. In the event of a high well pressure and there is a risk of blowout of the borehole, the rams secure the movement of the tubing and prevent it from being blown out of the borehole.

Petropedia explains Slip Rams

The cover of a blowout preventer is called a ram and the two valves of the blowout preventer are known as ram blocks. When it is extended towards the middle of the wellbore, the ram restricts the flow of fluids and it retracts open to allow the flow of the fluids. Slip ram is used to hold and secure the coiled tubing when it is being injected down into an oil or gas well against high fluid pressure during oil and gas well intervention processes. The slip ram is an element of a blowout preventer and is equipped with bidirectional teeth to hold the coil tubing and prevent its movement.

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