Blind Seal Ram

Definition - What does Blind Seal Ram mean?

A Blind Seal Ram, also known as a blind ram is a tool that closes off and seals a well when the well does not contain drill strings and other tubing. It is a part of ram blowout preventer which does not have any opening for the tubing. It acts as a closing element on an open hole with two halves that seal each other and shut off the space below completely.

Petropedia explains Blind Seal Ram

In the event a well blowout occurs and uncontrolled release of oil and/ or gas from the well, it becomes necessary to close the wellbore so as to avoid catastrophes. Blowout Preventers (BOP) are used in oil wells to prevent well blowouts. Rams which are components of ram blowout preventers are available in variable-bores so that a wide range of pipe diameter can get covered for sealing. The blind seal ram is used to close off and seal the well when the well does not contain the drill string and other tubing. It has no opening for the tubing and is blanked off to close the well.

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