Stripper Packers

Definition - What does Stripper Packers mean?

Stripper Packers are devices that are used to provide a pressure-tight seal around the coiled tubing when it is either run down the wellbore or protruded out of the wellbore. This pressure-tight seal is usually provided so that well fluids do not escape from the casing or production tubing. The seal is enabled by compressing the rubber inserts around the tubing.

Petropedia explains Stripper Packers

When the coiled tubing is injected into the wellbore or pulled out of the wellbore, it is necessary to contain the pressure of the wellbore and provide a pressure-tight seal by packing off the rubber inserts around the tubing. Stripper packers contain the wellbore pressure during the coiled tubing operations and provide the pressure seal thereby ensuring that the fluids inside the well do not escape from the casing or the production tubing. The stripper packer equipment is operated by an operator from the control room and works on hydraulic pressure mechanism.

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