Wireline Pressure Control

Definition - What does Wireline Pressure Control mean?

Wireline Pressure Control is the practice of controlling the wellbore pressure with the help of wireline pressure control equipment. The equipment and tools are taken down into the wellbore over a wireline. The wireline is a braded line used to lower the equipment, tools and measurement instruments into the wellbore during well intervention. It also supplies power to equipment and is used for data transmission for logging at the surface.

Petropedia explains Wireline Pressure Control

During well workover and intervention processes, it is important to ensure that the production stream does not stop; however, the pressure that builds up in the wellbore due to the operational services performed by intervention tools also needs to be controlled in order to avoid any calamities. The wireline is used to lower the equipment, tools and the measurement instruments into the well. The tools and instruments are used for various services such as measuring formation pressure, evaluating the rock properties and collecting information about the pore size of the rock and nature of fluid etc.

Wireline pressure control equipment is taken down the borehole to control the fluid pressure. The wellbore pressure during wireline operation is controlled using suitable pressure control equipment whose working pressure is kept higher than the expected maximum pressure of the well.

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