O-Ring Kit

Definition - What does O-Ring Kit mean?

An O-Ring Kit is a specially designed box which contains a variety of O-rings of different sizes which can be used as sealants on various industrial tools and equipment. The O-rings that need to be kept in the kit should be manufactured according to the equipment mechanical properties and requirements. The kit is basically used as a storage tool for O-rings.

Petropedia explains O-Ring Kit

The number of O-rings that can fit in an O-ring kit box can vary from 100 to 1000 pieces. These O-ring kit boxes are not readily available since they are manufactured based on the properties and sizes of the rings which will be stored there. O-rings are used as sealants in static or dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the joining parts, for example, they can be used in rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons.

The benefit of O-ring kit box is that it helps in maintaining the inventory of o-rings. It gives relief to buyer in saving the time between placing the order and receiving the new sets of O-rings during emergency operations.

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