Oil Seal

Definition - What does Oil Seal mean?

Oil Seal is a device that is used to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil in mechanical equipment by closing the spaces between the moving and stationary components of the equipment. Oil seals are also used in precision bearings to maintain lubricants in the bearings and prevent corrosive moisture from entering the bearings. Oil seals are also known as rubber oil seals, oil gaskets or dirt seals.

Petropedia explains Oil Seal

Oil seals come in various sizes depending on the equipment capacity. These seals fit on various valves, pipes and any other openings where the leakage of lubricating oil needs to be prevented. The seals are used to perform two important roles, i.e., to hold the oil in place and help in lubricating the machine’s moving parts by ensuring there is no lubricant leakage. Oil seals also ensure that harmful contaminants do not let it leak in various parts of the equipment.

The following are the various types of oil seals available:

  • O ring seals
  • U ring seals
  • V ring seals
  • Rotary oil seals
  • Spring installed seals
  • Clearance seals
  • Bearing isolators
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