Silicone Rings

Definition - What does Silicone Rings mean?

Silicone Rings are O-shaped or U-shaped mechanical gaskets that are used to seal two or more mechanical equipment parts. They are mostly used in static or dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the joining parts, e.g., rotating pump shafts. The material used to manufacture these O-rings is silicone. Due to the harmless nature of silicone, these rings are commonly used in the food and drug industries.

Petropedia explains Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are similar and function in the same way as O-rings with the difference being in the materials used to manufacture the rings. Silicone rings are made of silicone while o-rings are usually made of synthetic rubber. Silicone falls in the group of elastomeric polymers which contain oxygen, silicium, hydrogen and carbon. This material has special temperature characteristics that make it suitable to use in low as well as high temperature ranges of -50°C to 232°C. The rings are resistant to engine and transmission oil, UV radiation, hot air, animal and vegetable fats, and oils.

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