Portable Fuel Station

Definition - What does Portable Fuel Station mean?

A Portable Fuel Station is a small transportable facility that is used to re-fuel motor vehicles. These stations consume small space as compared to conventional fuel stations. They have been implemented as pilot projects in few countries and are an emerging trend in the energy sector. These portable fuel stations can be moved to any desired location and thus also called “Mobile Fuel Stations”.

Petropedia explains Portable Fuel Station

The portable fuel station concept has been implemented in a few countries out of which Qatar has taken an initiative of launching 15 portable fuel stations in and around of the city of Doha. The portable fuel stations are installed at places where demand for petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel is very high. These portable fuel stations consist of all necessary equipment housed in a conventional fuel station such as gasoline and diesel storage tanks, fuel dispenser, electronic billing system, fire fighting systems, lighting systems, generators, etc. These stations are mounted on skids that can be connected to trucks and be transported to any location.

Normally, the fuel storage capacity of such stations is around 4000 to 10,000 gallons and a unit consists of a doubled wall fuel tank along with single or multiple fuel dispensers that can dispense fuel at a rate of 45 to 120 liter per minute.

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