Integrated Solutions

Definition - What does Integrated Solutions mean?

Integrated Solutions are component sub-systems solutions that have been brought together into one system. Any petroleum organization as a whole comprises of a number of small subsystems which may function discretely. It may be quite difficult or time consuming to get desired information or services quickly from one subsystem to another or from the organization. Integrated solutions are created to offer solutions/ information/ products or services etc., with all subsystems of the organization acting as a harmonious, inter-related system.

Petropedia explains Integrated Solutions

Any business entity as a whole comprises of a number of small subsystems like materials procurement, design, production, inventory of raw material and finished goods, sales and marketing, business development, finance, human resource development etc. to name a few, which may function discretely and it becomes difficult to get desired information quickly. Similarly, in the oil and gas industry, there are various sectors in which an oil and gas organizations operate, i.e., some work in the upstream sector, some in the midstream sector and others in the downstream sector. Each oil and gas organization has various operations which need to work in sync so as to maintain the integrity of all departments in the organization. This can be achieved with integrated solutions which ensure that the functioning of all the subsystems gets streamlined and interlinked in an integrated approach.

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