Chevron Seals

Definition - What does Chevron Seals mean?

Chevron Seals, also known as chevron packing seals or V packing seals are highly adaptive sealing products that are used in telescoping truck hoists, pumps and valves. Chevron packing seals comprises of a set of “V” shaped components which when brought together form a complete packing assembly. These sets have varying number of center vees which form the top and bottom components of a chevron packing seals.

Petropedia explains Chevron Seals

Chevron packing seals can be optimized by altering materials to accommodate different chemicals, pressures and temperatures. Some of the different types of Vee Packing seals include:

  • Blue and Black sets
  • Baker Vee Packing
  • Otis Vee Packing

One important benefit of the vee packing is that it can operate under any mechanical situations. Both the top header and the bottom gland in the vee packing are known as vee packing adapters and in between them, the “V” shaped rings are placed. These “V” shaped rings can be one or more. These V shaped intermediate rings are tapered to snap-fit the housing during installation, thus they provide a good seal even at low pressures. Some of the important features of vee packing are:

  • They can operate at a pressure up to 700 bars and the operating temperature is in the range of 30 to 270 degree Celsius. The temperature working conditions completely depend on the material used when manufacturing the vee packing.
  • Reciprocating speed is up to 0.5 meter per second.
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