Rod U Seals

Definition - What does Rod U Seals mean?

Rod U seals are U-shaped rod seals that are used to prevent fluid leakage from a cylinder and maintain a sliding motion between a piston head and the cylinder head. These types of seals are mainly used in fluid power equipment and in hydraulic cylinders to seal the system pressure. Rod seals are the most critical seals in any type of fluid power equipment.

Petropedia explains Rod U Seals

In most fluid power equipment, one parameter for deciding efficiency and effectiveness is the proper sealing effect or proper working of the rod seals. These types of seals are used on the piston rods that connect with the cylinders. They can be used inside hydraulic or pneumatic operated cylinders. There are many types of Rod seals that are available, they include:

  • Hydraulic Rod Seals
    • Asymmetric U seals
    • Symmetrical U seals
    • Step Seals or Cap seals
    • V-packs
    • G T rings
  • Pneumatic Rod Seals
    • Asymmetric U seals
    • Symmetrical U seals
    • Combined Rod seal or wiper
  • Buffer Seals
  • U seal back ups
  • Custom designed Rod seals
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