Guiding Tape

Definition - What does Guiding Tape mean?

A Guiding Tape is a device that is used to guide the piston and rod into a cylinder. The device prevents contact between moving parts and reduces wear and tear caused by friction. It also prevents scratches on the piston and cylinder walls due to direct metallic contacts and eccentricity of the piston by absorbing the transverse forces acting on the rod. Guiding tapes can be cut to any desired length as per the requirements.

Petropedia explains Guiding Tape

In order to prevent wear and tear of moving parts in piston-cylinder assembly, it is essential to avoid them from coming into direct contact. Guiding tapes are used on the piston and rod to guide them into the cylinder and prevent any direct contact.

Guiding Tapes come in different materials depending on the use and working conditions of the piston-cylinder assembly. They are high or extremely wear resistant having high compression strength and load bearing capacity. They have long service lives and help in dampening the mechanical vibrations, eliminating local stress concentration and hydro-dynamic pressure problems in the piston-cylinder assembly system. They are cost-effective and can easily be changed when wear out.

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