Wear Rings

Definition - What does Wear Rings mean?

Wear Rings, also known as guide rings are circular rings that keep the piston centered and provide bearing function between metallic components during piston strokes and in static conditions. They are also used when guiding the piston and rod in the cylinder to ensure that there is no metallic contact. This ensures that there is even pressure distribution on the seals and hence they wear out evenly. Wear rings have an open preform and prevent scratches on the piston by absorbing the forces which act perpendicular to the direction of movement of the piston and rod.

Petropedia explains Wear Rings

Wear rings not only guide the piston and rod into the cylinder, but also optimize the performance of the sealing systems by preventing metal-to-metal contact and absorbing transverse forces which act perpendicular to the direction of movement of piston and Rod. To prevent wear and tear of moving parts in a piston-cylinder assembly, the rings must be wear-resistant and have great friction properties. They should also have high compression strength, long service life and a high load bearing capacity.

Wear rings help in eliminating local stress concentration and pressure problems in the piston-cylinder assembly. They come in different materials depending on the usage and working conditions of the piston-cylinder Assembly.

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