Rotary Seals

Definition - What does Rotary Seals mean?

Rotary Seals are devices that prevent leakage of lubricants and ingress of dirt, dust particles, mud and water in components that have oscillating or rotary parts. They protect the shaft bearing in a rotating application and prevent drilling mud from mixing with lubricants in oil lubricated mud motor bearings. They help in enhancing the performance and life of the bearings by preventing mixing of dirt with lubricants that may otherwise lead to premature failure of the bearings and other system components.

Petropedia explains Rotary Seals

In oil and gas applications, bearings are essential components as they support shafts in rotating applications. The bearings should be adequately lubricated to ensure that they perform efficiently and effectively with a long life. The lubricants need to be protected from leakage and contaminants like dust particles, mud, water, moisture etc. The primary function of rotary seals is to retain the lubricants by avoiding their leakage and prevent the contamination of lubricants from dust, mud and water/ moisture etc., thereby enhancing the performance and life of the bearing and other system components. The contamination of lubricant may lead to damage and premature failure of the bearing and other system components. The adhesion in sealants and compression in gaskets contribute to the effectiveness of rotary seals.

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