Definition - What does O-Rings mean?

O-Rings, also known as toric joints are packing or sealing materials used to seal two or more mechanical equipment parts. These rings act like a mechanical gasket which has the shape of torus, and a loop of elastomer with a rounded cross section. They can be seated in a special designed groove for them on the edges of two equipment parts that need to be joined with a high-end sealing.

Petropedia explains O-Rings

The usage of O-rings can be made either in the static or dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the joining parts. For example, they can be used in rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons. These rings are important parts in any mechanical equipment as they provide a permanent and tight seal between two metal parts. Apart from this they are, easy to manufacture, cost-efficient, easily available in the market, reliable and can be simply mounted on a seal slot provided on the parts. One good property of such seals is that they can seal thousands of psi pressure.

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