Fleet Management

Definition - What does Fleet Management mean?

Fleet Management is the oversight and control of large group of trucks or LNG carriers that transport crude oil and natural gas from one place to another with the help of a fleet telematics system. The locations could be from wellhead platforms to storage tanks in various locations or the transportation of crude oil from storage tanks to refineries. The word “telematics” here is the combination of telecommunication and information, and it refers to the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects.

Petropedia explains Fleet Management

Fleet Management through fleet telematics system acts as an effective solution to overcome the inefficiencies associated with the transportation logistics or fleet in the oil and gas industry. It also provides improved safety for drivers and trucks, and shows the exact location of a particular truck as the fleet telematics system is enabled with the GPS devices. A fleet management solution offers many benefits to oil and gas organizations. Improving efficiency and productivity through tracking, human resource planning, regulatory compliance, and preventative maintenance are just a few benefits a fleet management solution can offer. Organizations which have large multi-location oil and gas operations use fleet management solutions to see their entire fleet’s operation allowing them to compare performance, identify issues, and standardize processes.

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