Drilling Tools

Definition - What does Drilling Tools mean?

Drilling Tools refers to the downhole equipment used in the production of oil and gas, well drilling, well interventions and well completions. In order to carry out these activities, several downhole tools such as roller centralizers, drilling jars, drag friction, shock tools, fishing tools, tubular tools and drill pipes are used. These tools are used in the bottom hole assembly for workover operations and well completions. They are mostly used during extreme temperatures and pressure conditions.

Petropedia explains Drilling Tools

There are numerous numbers of tools and equipment used while drilling. They are all referred to as drilling tools. They include:

  • Wireline tools - Wireline Tools are special designed tools which are lowered into a borehole to perform any well workover functions.
  • Slickline tools - Slickline is more commonly used in production tubing. Slickline refers to a single strand wire which is used to run tools into a wellbore for several purposes. Various slickline tools lowered into the well to perform several functions include, rope sockets, stems, jars, running and pulling tools.
  • Reamer - A reamer is a form of rotary cutting tool which is used in metalworking and in drilling to enlarge the size of existing holes. It provides a finish of high quality and straightness upon the completion of an operation.
  • Tubular Jars - A tubular jar is a special tool that is used in slickline operations. It is used along a slickline that is either stretched or warped back. The tubular jar is ideally used in the fishing operations where there is a possibility of debris or other substances clogging the wellbore.
  • Drill Bit - A drill bit is a cutting tool used to cut or crush rocks.
  • Drill collar - A drill collar is a tubular piece of a drill string which provides weight on the bit for the purpose of drilling.
  • Drill String - A drill string is a string or a column of a drill pipe present on a rig which is used to transmit the torque and drilling fluids to the drill bit.

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