Slickline Tools

Definition - What does Slickline Tools mean?

Slickline is more commonly used in production tubing. Slickline refers to a single strand wire which is used to run tools into wellbore for several purposes. Various Slickline Equipment that is lowered into the well to perform several functions include, rope sockets, stems, jars, running and pulling tools. In some oil and gas regions, the frequency of slickline gas lift intervention has diminished because of factors such as complacency and operating budget constraint and limited living quarters at facilities, which increases the difficulty of conducting an intervention. Bailers are downhole tools that are generally long and tubular shaped, and are used for both getting samples of downhole solids (sand, scale, asphaltines, rust, rubber and debris from well servicing operations) and for 'bailing' the unwanted downhole solids from the well. Mechanical jars look like a long, tubular piece of machined metal that slides longer or shorter approximately 75% to 90% of its total length.

Petropedia explains Slickline Tools

These are tools designed for fishing other wireline components, which may have been dropped down hole. All wireline tools are designed with 'fishing necks' on their top side, intended to be easily grabbed by pulling tools. The kickover tool is lowered into the production tubing to a point just below the target gas lift mandrel and, when pulled back up, the tool interacts with the mandrel orientation sleeve by means of a trigger that protrudes from the tool body. This method works by landing, or mating, a blowout preventer (BOP) with well interfacing components onto a subsea tree. The sizes of solid wireline in most common uses are: 0.092", 0.108", 0.125", 0.140", 0.150", and 0.160" in diameter.

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