Thru Tubing Tools

Definition - What does Thru Tubing Tools mean?

Thru Tubing Tools, also known as Thru Tubing Equipment, are tools which are used to carry out advanced and cost-effective Thru Tubing Operations. These tools are used for a number of operations such as pulling, connecting, indexing and other cutting needs. They are easy to operate and offer great efficiency, reliability and top-notch performance. Depending on the type of job, a number of Thru Tubing Tools can be used. They include:

  • Coiled tubing connectors
  • Dual flapper check valves
  • Standard bottom hole assembly
  • Emergency pull disconnect
  • Flow release disconnect

Petropedia explains Thru Tubing Tools

Well completions pose a host of wellbore related challenges; hence there is a need for good Thru Tubing Tools which are not only easy to operate but can also be used to perform wellbore departures and simulations with ease and convenience. The tools minimize non-productive time as they ensure that all aspects of the downhole environment are comprehensively modeled. Thru tubing equipment is specially designed to perform various wellbore related activities such as isolation, stimulation, fishing, etc. Some of the commonly used thru tubing tools are:

  • Circulating Disconnect – This tool has dual operation circulating sub which helps in introducing a flow path from Circulating Disconnect thru-tubing tool ID to the annulus. It also has a ball activated disconnect facility which can disconnect a stuck tool string by dropping a ball.
  • Dual Circulating Sub – This tool offers circulation of flow from tool ID to the annulus as well as differential pressure activated piston which works along with shear pins.
  • Dual Flapper Check Valve – This tool is used when a unidirectional barrier to BHA needs to be added. Flappers provide a very high pressure barrier in single direction.
  • Dual Flapper Disconnect – This tool has Dual Flapper Check Valve Assembly and a Ball activated Disconnect facility and provides facility of both circulating disconnect and dual flapper check valve thru tubing tools.
  • Coil Connector Full Slip – This tool helps in connecting BHA to the end of the tubing coil.
  • Hydraulic Disconnect – This is similar to circulating disconnect tool, but operates hydraulically.
  • Motorhead Assembly – This is a motor operated tool, that features functionalities of Dual Flapper Check Valve, Dual Circulating Sub and a Circulating Disconnect tool.
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