Welding Turntables

Definition - What does Welding Turntables mean?

Welding Turntables, also known as welding positioners or welding rotating tables, are devices that provide a comfortable position to a welder to perform welding operations on industrial parts which are tubular or spherical in shape such as flanges and pipelines. A welding turntable provides options to rotate the tubular equipment through 360 degrees and welder can set the angle of the flanges or pipeline according to his needs and requirements. This helps in less worker fatigue and improves productivity and quality of joints.

Petropedia explains Welding Turntables

Welding turntables are available with Tilt and Turn welding positions. They are useful as they provide better accessibility of welding seam on the pipeline thereby creating increased deposition rates. This helps weld operators who have less experience to perform welding operations easily and can safely manipulate work units while concentrating on welding functions. The positioner's design is kind of boxed shape section that occupies minimal floor space, allows smooth movement of units and welders throughout the work area. The structural, mechanical and electrical parts of the welding positioners or turntables are generally equipped with many safety features in order to ensure safe and productive operation while in use. The welding positioners or turntables may also feature optional selection of following equipment:

  • Backlash control system
  • Variable speed motor drives with tilt options
  • Optional tables.
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