Welding Manipulators

Definition - What does Welding Manipulators mean?

Welding manipulators are devices that enable the of lifting the work platform and making it reach close to the equipment on which a welding operation needs to be performed. In simple words, welding manipulators are devices that help welders with “lift and reach” abilities. This tool helps in less worker fatigue and improves productivity and quality of joints. The manipulator platform can be lowered or moved upward near the bigger installed equipment that needs any welding or repairing maintenance.

Petropedia explains Welding Manipulators

Welding manipulators are useful as they provide better accessibility of welding seam on the pipeline or any other equipment that needs to be welded thereby creating increased deposition rates. This helps weld operators who have less experience to perform welding operations easily and can safely adjust the welding platform heights while concentrating on welding functions. The manipulators design is kind of box shaped section that has a few-meter wide platform on which a welder can stand and move to perform welding operations. The structural, mechanical and electrical parts of the welding manipulators are generally equipped with many safety features in order to ensure safe and productive operation while in use.

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