Vapor Recovery

Definition - What does Vapor Recovery mean?

Vapor recovery is a method of recovering the vapors of gasoline and other fuels to ensure that they do not get escaped and affect the environment. It is usually performed at filling stations to minimize harmful and potentially inflammable fumes and pollution. On the other hand, it is also used in industries such as chemical process to eliminate and recapture vapors from storage tanks.

Petropedia explains Vapor Recovery

Vapor recovery is a process that is used to stop gasoline vapors from getting into the environment. It is also used to retrieve natural gas vapor in order to make it more utilizable and lucrative. Vapor recovery units are used to complete the process using different technologies that can include vacuum technology, dry vacuum pump technology, etc.

Main advantages of vapor recovery are-

  • Environmental protection
  • Reusability of gases
  • Reduced exposures to toxics
  • Human health protection
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