Vacuator Valve

Definition - What does Vacuator Valve mean?

A Vacuator Valve is a valve that is used to automatically expel water and dust from air cleaners. This type of valve is installed on two-stage air cleaners and is considered to be an integral part of pre-cleaning stages. A dust cup is attached to the valve in which the pre-cleaned dust is collected. The valve is also known as vac valve.

Petropedia explains Vacuator Valve

Vacuator valves work on the principle of creating a slight vacuum when the engine is running and thereby acting as sealants between the dust, water and the engine. If any dust passes through these valves it gets accumulated in the dust cap which is connected with these valves. The normal engine pulsing of the vacuum causes the valve to open and close. This action automatically expels any collected dust and water. The valve also unloads when the engine is stopped. The valve is at times also known as a flap valve and comes in variety of sizes and shapes.

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