Unaccounted For Gas (UFG)

Definition - What does Unaccounted For Gas (UFG) mean?

Unaccounted For Gas is the difference between the physical input of gas entering into a pipeline system and the physical output of gas exiting the pipeline system. This gas cannot be taken into account and is one of the issues and concerns that a gas producing and distribution organizations has to face on a regular basis. Unaccounted for gas is used during accounting of natural gas by an entity and is abbreviated as UFG.

Petropedia explains Unaccounted For Gas (UFG)

Unaccounted for gas is a complex issue that every organization involved in the natural gas business has to deal with. Since UFG refers to gas lost in the system that cannot be recorded in the books, the industry uses advanced technology that can mitigate the gas lost in the value chain. Moreover, higher UFG’s also pose a financial, social, environmental and safety threats for organizations handling natural gas.

Unaccounted for gas is basically the difference between the amount of gas entering a distribution system during custody transfer and the amount which is measured and billed at all delivery points over a defined period of time. There are few primary reasons for natural gas loss in the system which goes unaccounted:

  • Meter inaccuracy
  • Leakages from the pipelines because of-:
    • Third party damage or
    • Problems with pipelines itself such as corrosion, because of which, a hole emerges and leakage starts, etc.
  • Theft issues and meter tempering.
  • Variations in surrounding temperature and measuring.
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