Ullage Paste

Definition - What does Ullage Paste mean?

Ullage Paste, also known as gauging paste is a thick moist substance that is applied on ullage rule and dip tapes. This paste helps in indicating the precise level of petroleum liquid in storage tanks and the remaining space for storing fuel. This paste also allows an operator to see the meniscus cut level for the liquid inside the tanks.

Petropedia explains Ullage Paste

Ullage paste is usually used when there is no other equipment available to measure the level of the petroleum liquid inside storage tanks. The ullage paste is helpful in underground tanks which are used as a strategic storage plan for many nations. These countries store their fuel underground as a measure of strategic storing and for emergency use during wars. The ullage paste is applied on a dipstick which is lowered to the bottom of the fuel tank along with the tied ruler. When the dipstick or ruler comes in contact with the liquid fuel, the ullage paste changes color to indicate how high the level of liquid is.

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