Tungsten Carbide Bit

Definition - What does Tungsten Carbide Bit mean?

Tungsten Carbide Bit, also known as a tungsten carbide bit is a cutting tool that is primarily used in drilling applications to crush or cut rocks. Tungsten carbide consists of equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms which make it a very hard metal as compared to other metals and is thus, considered as a suitable material for manufacturing of drilling bits.

Petropedia explains Tungsten Carbide Bit

Due to equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms embedded in a soft matrix of metallic cobalt, tungsten carbide is one of the hardest metals and is thus used to manufacture drill bits. The hardness value of tungsten carbide is 1600 HV, which is ten times higher than steel.

There are two types of drill bits that are used in the oil and gas industry, i.e., rolling cutter bits and fixed cutter bits. The rolling cutter bits are further divided into two categories based on the material used in these bits. They are-:

  • Milled tooth bits – these bits are made up of steel tooth cutters.
  • Tungsten carbide bits – In such type of bits, the tungsten carbide teeth are pressed on to the teeth cones.
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