Tubing Pump

Definition - What does Tubing Pump mean?

A Tubing Pump is a positive displacement pump that is used to pump out variety of fluids. The pump operates by holding a fixed volume of fluid that needs to be displaced and then forcing it from the inlet section into the discharge pipe. Some Positive Displacement Pumps make use of cavities which expand at the suction side (inlet) and decrease at the discharge site; the volume of fluid being constant in each operation cycle of the pump.

Petropedia explains Tubing Pump

Tubing pumps fall in the category of pumps that displace high volumes of liquid to high head and are heavy duty pumps. Maximum production of the hydrocarbons produced with the help of these pumps depends on the size of tubing. However, due to their large plunger diameter, the fluid load will be greater than with an insert pump. Therefore, depending on the rod string and size of the surface pumping equipment, the depth at which a tubing pump can run is limited. The pump barrel serves as a section of the tubing. The plunger and traveling valve are run in the well together with sucker rods. Traveling valves can be of two types, i.e., fixed or retrievable.

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