Truck-Mounted Rig

Definition - What does Truck-Mounted Rig mean?

A Truck-Mounted Rig is a drilling rig that is mounted on a truck and can be transported easily to any terrain on wheels. Also known as mobile drilling rigs, these drilling rigs are of small capacity and are used when drilling locations are accessible by roads. They are used to perform many types of drilling operations and service many industrial sectors such as mining, dams and pipelines.

Petropedia explains Truck-Mounted Rig

Drilling rigs are one of the most important machines in the E&P activities of the oil and gas industry. They can be massive or small to medium-sized structures. The small to medium-sized rigs are also called mobile rigs as they are mounted on trucks or trailers and can be easily transferred from one location to another. For different drilling operations various types of drilling rigs are needed. These rigs are used for onshore drilling operations only and function in a similar way as the high capacity rigs; however, the power output of such rigs is small and are used for low depth drilling operations.

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