Totally Enclosed Motor

Definition - What does Totally Enclosed Motor mean?

Totally Enclosed Motor is an industrial electric motor with an enclosure surrounding this motor which helps in keeping the electric motor completely isolated from the outside harsh corrosive environment. The enclosure does not permit any outside air to circulate freely in the interior parts of the motor. There are various types of motor enclosures used in the industry such as Open Drip Proof (ODP), Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), Totally Enclosed Non ventilated (TENV), and Explosion proof (XP) enclosures.

Petropedia explains Totally Enclosed Motor

Any industrial process industry such as oil and gas, power generation, metallurgical, fertilizers, petrochemicals, etc., prefers the use of totally enclosed electric motors. The reasons for using the motors in an enclosure are to protect them from harsh corrosive and toxic environments usually prevailing in these types of industries. Electric motors in all industrial processes are enclosed in the following various types of enclosures:

  • Open Drip Proof (ODP) Enclosures - Open Drip-Proof Enclosure is a tool that circulates cool air and prevents water droplets from falling in a motor. It is designed to meet the needs of the industry by improving product reliability and energy conversation. It consists of fan blades that help the air to circulate in the motor whilst preventing some degree of moisture and solid dust particles. However, it does not protect the motor from chemical vapors thus it is only effective in a well-ventilated and clean area.
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) – This enclosure helps in preventing free exchange of air between the outside and inside the frame; however, this enclosure does not make the frame completely airtight. An external fan helps in blowing outside air over the frame which keeps the motor cool.
  • Totally Enclosed Non ventilated (TENV) – This enclosure is similar to TEFC, however, it does not have any fan for cooling. This enclosure has no vents and thus the motor is tightly sealed inside, but it is not airtight.
  • Explosion proof enclosure (XP) – This enclosure is similar to TEFC but it is explosion proof and does not catch any fire.
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