Total Immersion Thermometer

Definition - What does Total Immersion Thermometer mean?

Total Immersion Thermometer is a glass thermometer that is used to measure the temperature of industrial liquids and gases. It is similar to a partial immersion thermometer but a difference exists in the way these thermometers are used and in the areas they are applied. Total immersion thermometers are designed with scales which indicate the actual temperature when the bulb and the entire liquid column are exposed to the temperature being measured.

Petropedia explains Total Immersion Thermometer

Most total immersion thermometers are used in a condition of complete immersion, wherein the entire thermometer is exposed to the temperature being measured, as with a thermometer inside a refrigerator, freezer, incubator or another chamber.

Since the total immersion and partial immersion thermometers look similar, in order to know the category of thermometers, “total immersion” or “partial immersion” is mentioned on the glass of these thermometers. Apart from this, in the partial immersion thermometer a line showing the depth to which the thermometer should be submerged is also marked.

In practice, a short length of liquid column (usually one-half inch) is permitted to extend above the surface of the liquid being measured so as to allow the reading of the thermometer.

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