Torque Tube

Definition - What does Torque Tube mean?

Torque Tube is a tube used to handle the large amount of torque required to rotate the drill bit and top drive while drilling an oil or a gas well on a rig floor. Torque tube assembly, also known as driveshaft technology, is a common engineering functionality used to drive the rotors and engine assembly (rear wheel drive) of an automobile. The same functionality which is used in the automobiles is also used in the oil and gas industry with the help of the torque tubes.

Petropedia explains Torque Tube

In the 20th Century workers in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry experienced great challenges while drilling, such as development of reactive torque when drilling with mud motor. Due to the heavy weight of the drill bit as a result of heavy build up on the drill string and high drilling rates, the mud motor used to stall or stop and tend to move the drill string to rotate in the opposite direction of the rotation. All this lead to reactive torque generation, mud motor failure and torsional loads on drill string. In order to avoid such problems and develop a solution to provide a balance reactive torque while drilling, torque tubes were invented and got implemented on the drilling platforms so as to provide a balanced torque drilling system.

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