Throttling Valve

Definition - What does Throttling Valve mean?

Throttling Valve is a butterfly valve which is mounted with a spring and is used to stop, start and regulate the fluid flow. These valves are easy to operate and are quick to open. To rotate the valve quarter turn, the valve’s handle needs to be rotated 90°. This provides a complete closure or opening of the valve. Large industrial purpose Butterfly valves are most of the times equipped with a gearbox, where the hand wheel by gears is connected to the stem.

Petropedia explains Throttling Valve

Throttling Valves or Butterfly valves have a short circular body, a round disc, metal-to-metal or soft seats, top and bottom shaft bearings, and a stuffing box. The construction of a Butterfly valve body varies. A commonly used design is the wafer type that fits between two flanges. Another type, the lug wafer design, is held in place between two flanges by bolts that join the two flanges and pass through holes in the valve's outer casing. Butterfly valves are even available with flanged, threaded and butt welding ends, but they are not often applied.

Butterfly valves possess many advantages over gate, globe, plug, and ball valves, especially for large valve applications. Savings in weight, space, and cost are the most obvious advantages. The maintenance costs are usually low because there are a minimal number of moving parts and there are no pockets to trap fluids.

Butterfly valves are especially well-suited for the handling of large flows of liquids or gases at relatively low pressures and for the handling of slurry or liquids with large amounts of suspended solids.

Butterfly valves are built on the principle of a pipe damper. The flow control element is a disk of approximately the same diameter as the inside diameter of the adjoining pipe, which rotates on either a vertical or horizontal axis. When the disk lies parallel to the piping run, the valve is fully opened. When the disk approaches the perpendicular position, the valve is shut. Intermediate positions, for throttling purposes can be secured in place by handle-locking devices.

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