Coring Fluid

Definition - What does Coring Fluid mean?

Coring Fluid is a specially designed liquid which is used for cutting cores with the help of a core bit and a core barrel. At times drilling mud is used instead of Coring Fluid for cutting cores, however, if rock cores are needed for special study, coring fluid is used. It should be carefully designed to avoid damage to the rock sample.

Petropedia explains Coring Fluid

A Coring Fluid has properties that do not alter the wettability inside the rock sample pores and has low dynamic filtration characteristics. Such qualities of the Coring Fluid helps in maintaining the rock’s core native properties and can retain some of the rock fluids in it. The Coring Fluid is formulated in such a way that it resembles the connate water in the reservoir. The pH value in a rock sample is matched to that of the reservoir water of a rock. A common type of a Coring Fluid used today is the Bland Coring Fluid.

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