Definition - What does Thermocouple mean?

Thermocouple is a device that measures temperature accurately. It Consists of a devices with dissimilar metals like copper and iron in which there is influence of electromotive force when the conductor are maintained at different temperature, the force being used in the temperature difference is used to determine the temperature of third substance by connecting it to the junction of the metal and calculating the electromotive force produced. In simple words, the two metals are joined and the free ends of the wires are connected to an instrument like a voltmeter that accurately measures the difference in potential created at the joint of the two metals.

Petropedia explains Thermocouple

Thermocouplet is an electrical device consisting of two different conductor which forms an electrical junction at a different temperature. It produces a temperature- dependent voltage because of thermoelectric effect, the voltage created can be calculated to measure temperature. The thermocouple is a widely used temperature sensor. When it comes to commercial thermocouples it is inexpensive, interchangeable, are usually supplied with connectors, they are self-powered and do not need any external form of excitation. The only limitation of a thermocouple is accuracy, errors of less than one degree Celsius can be difficult to achieve.

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