Theoretical Residue Gas

Definition - What does Theoretical Residue Gas mean?

Theoretical Residual Gas is the volume of residual gas that theoretically remains in each well completion and/or for gas plants after taking into consideration the losses/consumption for shrinkage, plant fuel and plant vent/flare. In order to calculate the Theoretical Residue Gas remaining, the sum total of gaseous components is measured in MMBTU (equivalent of 1 million British Thermal Units) and is determined by chromatographic analysis.

Petropedia explains Theoretical Residue Gas

The following are the steps which are used to calculate the Theoretical Residual Gas remaining in a well:

  • The recovered natural gas liquid volumes are converted into equivalent gas volumes in MMBTU.
  • Gas consumption in terms of plant fuel and gas flare is then converted into equivalent gas volumes in MMBTU. These are recorded by the plant operator.
  • Theoretical Residual Gas Remaining is then calculated by subtracting the sum total of point 1 and point 2 from the wet gas equivalents (in MMBTU).
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