Tethered Diving

Definition - What does Tethered Diving mean?

Tethered Diving is the activity of conducting underwater inspection and maintenance services in pipelines, drilling platforms and offshore installations. Divers work and support the production and exploration sector of the industry and are assisted by the personnel at the surface or on offshore wellhead platforms. Divers are supposed to carry out the processes of inspection, maintenance and construction that are associated with the production of oil and gas in the ocean.

Petropedia explains Tethered Diving

Tethered Diving allows petroleum engineers to carry out manned underwater operations. It is branch of commercial diving which is mainly used to complete offshore exploration and production tasks. It offers a wide range of services such as decommission support services, construction support services at offshore rigs, recovery and salvage services, spool installation services and support services for pipe or cable laying.

Working in remote and extreme environments is coupled with a lot of challenges; therefore, divers are required to be highly skilled and trained so that they can apply the appropriate methods at the correct place and time with complete understanding of the tools available. Only trained divers can maintain the balance between, safety, efficiency, cost and production.

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