Test Marketing

Definition - What does Test Marketing mean?

Test Marketing is the procedure for conducting certain experiments on the oil and gas industrial processes and petroleum products obtained from the processes. This is usually done in a field laboratory that acts just like actual market and the real life buying patterns and behaviors of the customers. It helps in simulating the market mix to ascertain the consumer overall reaction for a particular product.

Petropedia explains Test Marketing

In the oil and gas industry, test marketing eventually leads to adoption of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) methods. Non-destructive testing methods are commonly used for inspecting and ensuring that products and systems perform their respective functions in a cost-effective and reliable way. These methods are applied carefully so that they do not affect the future effectiveness of the product. They are the most frequently used methods in the fields of electrical engineering, systems engineering, forensic engineering, aeronautical engineering, medical applications, aerospace, mechanical engineering and civil engineering. The commonly used methods are as follows:

  • The Leak Testing Method
  • The Acoustic Emission Testing Method
  • The Vibration Analysis Method
  • The Ultrasonic Testing Method
  • The Electromagnetic Testing Method
  • The Magnetic Flux Leakage Method
  • The Thermal of Radiographic Testing Method
  • The Guided Wave Testing Method
  • The Magnetic Particle Testing Method
  • The Neutron Radiographic Testing Method
  • The Laser Testing Method
  • The Radiographic Testing Method
  • The Visual Testing Method
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