Tension Gauge

Definition - What does Tension Gauge mean?

A Tension Gauge is an instrument that is used to measure tensions in a wide range of industrial applications. There are several types of tension gauges available in the market such as a tensiometer which is used to measure surface tension of oil and gas. These devices are also used to measure tensions in a rope system, downhole string, drilling tools and wireline equipment.

Petropedia explains Tension Gauge

A tension gauge such as a tensiometer applies the concepts of physics in the measurement of surface tension of liquids or surfaces. These gauges are used in the research and development labs to measure surface tensions of various liquids such as adhesives, lacquer, coatings and paints. Another field in which tension gauges are used is in the measurement and monitoring of industrial production processes like parts cleaning or electroplating. There are different types of tension gauges such as electronic tension sensors and mechanical tension meters.

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