Temporary Magnet

Definition - What does Temporary Magnet mean?

A temporary magnet is a magnet that remains magnetized for only a small time interval as compared to a permanent magnet. The materials that are used to make temporary magnets are usually soft materials that have low magnetic properties such as annealed iron or steel. The electromagnetic flux is not applicable on such materials when they are not magnetized. These materials also have low coercivity.

Petropedia explains Temporary Magnet

The materials used as induced magnets are treated as temporary magnets because they are only magnetized for a short duration when attracted by a strong or permanent magnet that magnetizes them.

For instance, when a permanent magnet is brought near a collection of paperclips, the paperclips become attached to each other and then to the permanent magnet. Every paperclip becomes a temporary magnet, and when the permanent magnet is removed they are no longer attached to each other. In this way, the magnetic property of the collection of paperclips was induced and it did not become their permanent character.

When objects of currently unmagnetized magnetic materials are bought near or touch the pole of a strong or permanent magnet, they become magnets. This magnetic character is induced on the objects and ceases when the permanent magnet is removed.

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