Temperature Device

Definition - What does Temperature Device mean?

A temperature device is a device that provides temperature measurement through an electrical signal. It uses an external diode-connected transistor as the sensing element to measure temperatures external to the sensor. It generally produces a digital output. The device has two principles of the working. It can be made of two dissimilar metals that generate an electric voltage in direct proportion to bring a change in the temperature or it can be a variable resistor that will change its electrical resistance in direct proportion to changes in temperature in a precise, repeatable.

Petropedia explains Temperature Device

A temperature device is a sensor or tool which gathers data about the temperature from the source and converts it to a form that can be easily understood. The digital display of temperature which is easily readable by an observer or another device. These devices come in different forms and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used for simple home use to extremely accurate and precise scientific use. It plays a very important role almost everywhere where it is used. For example: - knowing the temperature helps people to pick their clothing before a walk outside.

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