Tear Down

Definition - What does Tear Down mean?

Tear Down, also known as rig down, is the dismantling of the drilling rig and auxiliary equipment following the completion of drilling operations. Once the drilling operations are complete bringing down the rig procedure is performed. When the site is examined for drilling, the process of bringing the rig, power sources and all the other auxiliary equipment to the drilling site is known as rigging up.

Petropedia explains Tear Down

Tear Down is the opposite of Rig up. Rig up is to prepare the drilling rig for making hole, for example, to install tools and machinery before drilling is started whereas, tear down is to take apart equipment for storage and portability. The equipment must be disconnected from power sources, decoupled from pressurized systems, disassembled and moved off the rig floor or even off location. A Drilling Rig is a piece of equipment that is used to create holes or wellbores in the earth's surface. Rigs are massive structures that house all the drilling equipment on board. Some of the major components of a drilling rig are:

  • Mud tanks
  • Mud pumps
  • Mast / Derrick
  • Top drive also known as rotary table.
  • Drill string
  • Draw works
  • Primary power generation equipment & auxiliary power generation equipment.
When the well drilling is complete, all these equipment are removed.
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