Temporarily Abandoned (TA)

Definition - What does Temporarily Abandoned (TA) mean?

Temporarily abandoned as used in the oil and gas industry is denoted as a well that is not in use because it has not produced natural gas. The well is not being used for several reasons one of which can be because it is a dry hole. An inactive well should be classified as temporarily abandoned when the completion of an interval is isolated. The interval may be isolated by using bridge plug method, balanced cement plug method, cement squeeze method. It may also be isolated by installing a plug in an existing packer which does not have to tube.

Petropedia explains Temporarily Abandoned (TA)

Temporary abandonment should be used when an operator is holding a wellbore in anticipation of future utilization, such as in an enhanced oil recovery project. TA status should begin the day after the completion interval has been isolated from the wellbore. A well is considered abandoned when it has not been used for six consecutive months. It should not be under temporarily abandoned or shut-in pursuant because it was drilled as a dry hole or has ceased to produce, or operations have not been conducted thereon, or for some other reason.

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