Slush Pump

Definition - What does Slush Pump mean?

A Slush Pump, commonly known as a Mud Pump, is a large high-pressure single acting triplex reciprocating pump that is used to circulate mud in a well at high pressure and required flow rate. At times, a double-acting two-cylinder reciprocating pump is also used as a mud pump instead of a triplex reciprocating pump. Mud pumps come with different horse power ratings; however, the most common ones used in rigs have 750HP, 1000HP, 1300HPAC and 1600HP.

Petropedia explains Slush Pump

A rig operator generally stores two or three Slush pumps out of which one is operational and the others are standby. During drilling operations, mud is picked from suction tanks by a Slush Pump that circulates the mud from the wellbore out to the surface.

There are two types of Slush Pumps used:

  • Triplex Reciprocating Pumps (these pumps have three pistons)
  • Duplex Reciprocating Pumps (these pumps have two pistons)

Triplex reciprocating pumps are most widely used as Slush/Mud Pumps because:

  • They are 30% lighter than duplex reciprocating pumps.
  • They have less operational cost.
  • The discharge of mud is smooth.
  • They can move large volume of mud at higher pressure.
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