Slip Ring

Definition - What does Slip Ring mean?

Slip Ring is an electromechanical device that can receive current or pass on the current to the brushes on a generator or a motor. This ring allows power and electrical signal transmissions from a stationary structure to a rotating structure. A slip ring is used in any electromechanical system which has to rotate continuously and transfer power and electric currents without any interruptions.

Petropedia explains Slip Ring

In oilfield operations, slip rings are used in offshore oil drilling to transmit medium to low voltages along with electrical signals in the rotating towers which are used for offshore oil and gas drilling operations. This voltage and electrical current is used to power up oil pumps and valves on the ocean floor as well as record data from control systems of FPSO units. Slip rings are available in different sizes having different rotational speeds. Some of the specifications for downhole slip rings are:

Rotational Speed of Slip RingTemperaturePressureChannelVoltageCurrentDimension of slip ring
Upto 600 RPMUpto 230 Degree C1700 barUpto 8250-500 VAC2A per channelID - 9.5 mm
OD - 43.2 mm
Upto 300 RPMUpto 230 degree C1700 bar8Upto 100 VAC10A per channelID - 88.9 mm
OD - 97.28 mm
Upto 20 RPMUpto 200 degree C1700 barUpto 20Upto 1kVAC5A per channelOD - 47 mm
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