Sliding Sleeve Nipple

Definition - What does Sliding Sleeve Nipple mean?

A Sliding Sleeve Nipple, also known as a Landing Nipple, is an important part of the tubing string which consists of a seal bore and internal lock profile. It is used in downhole completions and is placed at strategic intervals in a wellbore to administer the installation of numerous flow control devices. It is involved in most completions at the predetermined intervals to permit the installation of the flow-control equipment like chokes and plugs. The flow and control devices are dropped into the tubing till the no-go of locks contact the no-go shoulder of the nipple.

Petropedia explains Sliding Sleeve Nipple

The sliding sleeve nipples are manufactured to accept the industry standard locking tools of major manufacturers. They exceed the performance of the tubing string. There are three basic kinds of sliding sleeve nipples, i.e., selective landing nipples, no-go landing nipples and safety-valve or ported nipples. Each nipple is inspected with a coordinate measuring machine and tested with a lock mandrel to ensure a trouble free lock setting. Any desired number of sliding sleeve nipples can be fixed in the production string so that it can offer an infinite number of positions for locking and setting surface controls. The following are the features of the equipment:

  • It is composed of polished seal chamber.
  • It is capable of reducing the mining and completion oil costs.
  • It cannot develop a throttle function under the size and material of same oil tubes.
  • It can be used for the standard oil tubes.
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