Definition - What does Sleeve mean?

A Sleeve, commonly known as a Sliding Sleeve, is a wireline service tool that is part of the standard components for the completion of an oil or gas well. It is a part of completion tubing. It is mainly used to allow circulation or communication between the tubing and the annulus above the packer as required.

Petropedia explains Sleeve

The primary purpose of a sliding sleeve is to shut down the flow from one or more reservoirs zones and regulate the pressure between the zones. The following are other applications of the sliding sleeves:

  • Equalizing pressure between isolated formations and the tubing string
  • Spot acidizing and fracturing
  • Killing a well
  • Directing the flow from the casing to the tubing in alternate or selective completions.

There are two main categories of sliding sleeves, i.e., open or close sliding sleeves and choking sliding sleeves.

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