Silicon Tetrafluoride

Definition - What does Silicon Tetrafluoride mean?

Silicon Tetrafluoride, also known as Tetrafluorosilance, is a toxic chemical compound which is colorless and has a strong odor. It is a gaseous form with the chemical formula SiF4. This chemical compound has a very low boiling point of just 4 degrees Celsius above its melting point because of the presence of tetrahedral molecules in its chemical structure. This chemical compound is a byproduct of phosphate fertilizers.

Petropedia explains Silicon Tetrafluoride

Silicon Tetrafluoride is useful during hydrocarbon production at well sites as it traps or seals water coming out of oil wells during oil and gas production. It is also used in the preparation of silicon and fluorosilicic acid which has other uses in the oil and gas industry. This chemical compound is highly toxic and hazardous if exposed to human beings. When exposed to the steel and iron infrastructure of oil and gas equipment, this gas results in high amount of corrosive reactions and thus, it may also harm the outer surface of infrastructure and equipment.

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