Shrouded Jet Nozzle

Definition - What does Shrouded Jet Nozzle mean?

A Shrouded Jet Nozzle is a special type of jet nozzle which is used to push drilling fluids with high force during drilling activities. This type of nozzle is covered by a shroud (a projection over the nozzle covering it from outside view) which helps in minimizing the erosion of the nozzle when it is in action. The shroud also helps in controlling the jet flow rate.

Petropedia explains Shrouded Jet Nozzle

A Nozzle is used to enhance the kinetic energy of a fluid which is flowing at the expense of inertial and pressure energy. Nozzles are of two types, i.e., convergent and divergent. Convergent nozzles are used to accelerate the subsonic fluids while divergent nozzles are used to slow the fluids if their flow is subsonic.

In a shrouded jet nozzle, the nozzle comprises of a shroud or an envelope casing which is mostly cylindrical in shape. The casing covers the nozzle in such a way that the shroud does not interfere with the periphery of jet emitted by the nozzle. The shroud also reduces the overall energy requirements.

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