Shortwave Radiation

Definition - What does Shortwave Radiation mean?

A Shortwave Radiation is a radiant energy that is in the form of light energy received on earth. The wavelength of shortwave radiations falls between the spectrum of visible, near ultraviolet and near infrared radiations. As the radiations fall on the earth's surface, some are absorbed while others are reflected back. Downward shortwave radiation is sensitive to solar zenith angle, cloud cover and surface albedo.

Petropedia explains Shortwave Radiation

There are two types of radiations known to mankind. One is shortwave radiation or short wavelength radiation and the other is longwave radiation/long wavelength radiation. The diagram below shows the range of shortwave radiations.

There is no proper definition of shortwave radiations as there is no standard cut off for near infrared radiations range. The shortwave radiations include all radiation with a wavelength between 0.1 micron and 5 micron or narrowly defined so as to include only radiations between 0.2 micron and 3 micron. 1 micron is equal to 10^-6 meter.

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