Sheave Gauge

Definition - What does Sheave Gauge mean?

Sheave Gauge is a measuring instrument used along with a stainless steel wire rope to measure worn sheave grooves. The gauges are produced in thick 18 gauges (0.05") Stainless Steel. As per the industry standards, the manufacture of the sheave gauges should be Nominal plus 5%. When the sheave gauge is placed in the groove, the geometries should match without any space at the sides or bottom.

Petropedia explains Sheave Gauge

Sheave gauges are used on drilling rigs and are available in two sizes, i.e., A +5% sheave gauge and A +2.5% sheave gauge.

  • A +5% Sheave Gauge – These types of sheave gauges are designed to obtain an optimal sheave geometry. They should fit comfortably in new or re-machined sheaves. The wire rope lasts long due to the fact that there is minimal friction between the sheave gauge and the wire rope.
  • A +2.5% Sheave Gauge – These types of sheave gauges are designed as per API standards and the primary purpose of using these types of sheave gauges is to determine when maximum and excessive wear levels are reached.
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